Beppe, if you had a chance to interview a person whom you admire,
who that person would be & what would you ask?

R: Quincy Jones, and when he found out that his music wasn't everything in his life
anymore, was that a trauma for him or did he recover quickly?

At the beginning of your career when you read on a magazine the very first article
about your work, what did you think?

R: Who the hell is that? Do I know him?

In your life as a well known artist is there a moment when your celebrity
brought you embarassment?

R: No, I don't think so, simply because I am not a famous person.
There have been and there still are countless moments in my life when I feel
tremendously embarassed,but that is not certainly due to the fact that I am a famous person.

Does the curiosity of your fans bother you?
R: Usually no.

Paolo Mosca in one of his books once wrote: "Think how many thousands
of hands you have shaken in your life, hands of people whom we don't remember,
of people that just brush past us...what is left inside of us of all
these thousands of handshakes?" Beppe, what is left inside of you?

R: The exact same sensation that I feel when I'm composing, producing, etc.
God only knows what I'd pay to live a life with 48, or even better 72, hours per day!!!!
(by the way, whoever has or knows of whomever who has such kind of days to sell,
please let me know 'cause I'd like to buy at least 10 or 20 years like that!!!!)
What you just asked me makes me feel exactly like when I'm composing
and/or producing some of my music projects and I always feel like I'm running out
of time, and I need more time than I humanely have available. With your question,
actually with Paolo Mosca's question, I feel the same frustration that I feel in my professional
activities when I meet all those persons, sometimes so many that I can not even remember
one tenth of them, during my concerts and tours.

Interview by Elena Gavazzi