Do you like to read?
R: Yes

Do you have time to read?
R: Unfortunately no.

What's you worst defect?
R: I lose patience, even though I feel I'm getting better with age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And your biggest quality?
R: Recognize my problem with being patient, what else?!?!?????

What is it that you can not really stand in life? And what is it that you love?
R: I can not stand the lack of honesty by my friends as I adore their loyalty.

What is your preferred food and what is that you hate to eat?
R: My preferred food is the "cappelletti" that my mother cooks with the broth
"in terza" (or "in quarta"); I know it sounds corny & predictable, an Italian mama-boy
who likes his mother's cooking, but you should really try to eat the food that she cooks,
it's beyond amazing!!!! On the other hand I hate the famous "Chicche del Nonno"
invented by chef Ivo Gavazzi...just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Ivo is Elena's father & Elena is my official webmaster & production manager
for the Italian territory). Really, I don't think it exist a kind of food that I hate;
whatever is cooked with love & passion is like music to me, I love it,
even though I have to admit that I particularly like the Japanese cuisine.

Because of your work you had a chance to travel quite a lot, is there a place
where you haven't been yet & where would you like to take your music?

R: There are a lot of places where I have not been yet. As far as my music,
it's obvious that I would like to take it everywhere is appreciated.

Are you serene?
R: I would dare to say super-duper serene!!! And if I may say so, it's because my music.
As I told my bishop Monsignor Maurizio Galli at the Magnani Theatre last year
(November 25, 2001), during the concert/ceremony when I was given the honorary
citizenship of the City of Fidenza, I'm a very bad catholic who hopes that Saint Augustine
was 100% correct when he stated that "who sings prays twice," and I'll remember his answer
for the rest of my life: "There's always hope for redemption!!!"...Ergo...

If you could use only one wish, what that would be?
R: To keep doing music with passion & honesty.

Interview by Elena Gavazzi