Rome, December 29, 2003
"Magnificat Recital"
at the Sanctuary of the "Madonna del Divino Amore,"
location where Beppe has been inspired
and composed his Magnificat
that has later on been premiered
in The Vatican on a worldwide broadcasting
on Christmas Day 1999 during the
opening of the Holy Doors by Pope John Paul II
for the Great Jubilee

Fidenza, December 23, 2004
"Listen To Your Soul Recital"
by Beppe at the Magnani Theatre in Fidenza.
Moment of Meditation and Christmas Whishes
to the City of Fidenza

Busseto, December 22, 2003
"Here Is A Dawn Never Seen Before"
The most suggestive Christmas melodies
performed by the Choir and the Orchestra
of the "Collegiata di San Bartolomeo" Church in Busseto
with Beppe Cantarelli

Cremona, December 20, 2003
Beppe's "Magnificat Recital"
at the Saint Peter Church in Cremona

Chiaravalle della Colomba, December 13, 2003
Beppe's "Christmas Recital" on "Santa Lucia's" night
at the XIth Century Cistercian Abbey

Busseto, December 8, 2003
Today starts the Recitals Tour
that Beppe is performing around Italy.
The premiere is in his hometown of Busseto,
while the tour will terminate in Rome,
at the Sanctuary of the "Madonna del Divino Amore,"
location that inspired his new "Magnificat"
Busseto, November 28, 2003
New photos from the "Ascolta L'Anima" Recital,
at the Falstaff Club in Busseto, Beppe's birthplace

Firenze, November 12, 2003
New Release of Maestro ROBERTO FABBRICIANI's Album-CD "RIPPLES"
featuring the selection NOI LIBERAMENTE PERSI (by Beppe Cantarelli & Francesco Di Giacomo) for Flute, Choir (MILLENNIUM CHOIR) and Strings Section,
conducted & produced by BEPPE CANTARELLI.

Busseto, September 18, 2003
Italian premiere of two of Beppe's Recitals
in his hometown of Busseto (click CONCERTS & EVENTS)

In WORDS AND MUSIC  two new interviews by Beppe
on the making of two of Beppe's Italian Hits
"Se Il Mio Canto Sei Tu (If My Canto Is You )" by Mina,
and "Volo Via (I Fly Away)" by Ornella Vanoni