Millennium Choir at the "Sala Nervi", in the Vatican

An outline of the MILLENNIUM CHOIR and its repertoire (

I.)  The CHOIR

The MILLENNIUM CHOIR is a multi-ethnic group of approximately 600 male & female singers (and counting!!!), mainly from the Southern California area but also from other cities such as New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Rome, Florence, etc. The principal element of this choir is that its membership is open to any singer who is willing to learn and sing its unique repertoire. In doing so, it attracts singers from different musical backgrounds and with various types of training. Currently there are members from the prestigious L.A. OPERA and the L.A. MASTER CHORALE, the renowned SAINT CHARLES BORROMEO CHORALE in North Hollywood, various gospel choirs such as the PENTECOSTAL COMMUNITY CHOIR and the L.A. MASS CHORALE, as well as many successful freelance background vocalists, actors and actresses who have been working and performing with some of the major stars in the pop world as well as in television, theatre and feature films: DARRYL PHINNESSEE (Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, etc.), KEN STACEY (Michael McDonald, Lionel Ritchie, Elton John, etc.), PERRY MOORE (The Temptations), BRENDA STRONG (Seinfeld, Star Wars, etc.), MICHELLE GREEN (L.A. Law), ANGEL SHEPPARD, SUSAN YOUNGBLOOD, ANDREA LEE DAVIS, BARBARA HAIG, BEVERLY ALLEN, EDWARD RAZOR, SIEDAH GARRETT (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, etc.), J.D. HINTON, ERIC CASTRO, CAROL ECKSTEIN, MELANIE JACKSON & SAL CRACCHIOLO, JILL BOGORAD, TOLLAK (Sheena Easton, Don Henley, Michael McDonald, Gino Vannelli, etc.), to name a very few.

The MILLENNIUM CHOIR symbolizes peace in the world and the determination to enter the New Millennium with renewed hope for a better world and prayer to the Supreme Spirit.

In doing so, the MILLENNIUM CHOIR presents an unusual blend and texture of voices with a mixture of classical and more contemporary-pop flavors, including a strong gospel influence. This well-balanced chemistry makes the MILLENNIUM CHOIR's sound unique and different from any other choir.

The MILLENNIUM CHOIR has already recorded 11 selections, over an hour of music for choir and orchestra as well as for lead tenor, choir and orchestra in Latin and Italian (see Album/CD "Magnificat"). Until a few months ago, the MILLENNIUM CHOIR existed and was active only as a "recording" choir within the Los Angeles studios. However, on Christmas Day, 1999 at The Vatican, the MILLENNIUM CHOIR performed live for the first time in the worldwide telecast of RAI UNO's "APRITE LE PORTE A CRISTO" (Open The Doors To Christ). The focus of this major televised event was the opening of the Holy Doors to the entire world by the Pope during the celebrations of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 in the Vatican. The MILLENNIUM CHOIR was the official choir for the evening, and had the honor of performing compositions by Maestro RENATO SERIO, MAURICE JARRE ("Lawrence of Arabia", "Doctor Zivago"), and a new "Magnificat" composed by the choir's Founder and Director BEPPE CANTARELLI and commissioned by the "Santuario della Madonna Del Divino Amore" in Rome (Italy) on this special occasion, for the Vatican and for the Pope Himself.

In addition to several more recordings, including a new Mass, the choir is currently performing within the Los Angeles area as well as overseas: last August, the Millennium Choir was invited to participate in the "Giornata Mondiale Della Gioventu`" ("International Youth Day") in Rome, where it performed for the Pope and 2 million young people visiting from all over the world.

Some of our representatives are currently in talks with various orchestras throughout the country, including the California Philharmonic Orchestra in Pasadena, the Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra, the New Jersey Philharmonic, and the critically acclaimed Philadelphia Orchestra, in such venues as Carnegie Hall and Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.


Composer, Founder & Director:


Associate Producer, Librarian & Membership:JANET FLETCHER

Second Conductor in the U.S ANASTASIA NIKIFOROVA

Piano Accompanist:LAURA BENIGNA



Assistant to the Librarian:DEE FERNANDEZ CHILDERS

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