Millennium Choir at the "Sala Nervi", in the Vatican
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Mr. Beppe Cantarelli, Music Director.
Ms. Patrice A. Whited, V.P. Mgmt./Adm.
ph: +(1)-323-876-7885
Ms. Susan Youngblood, Choir Mistress. E-mail:
ph: +(1)-323-737-5523
Ms. Janet Fletcher, Membership & Librarian. E-mail:
ph: +(1)-310-277-0824

he Millennium Choir symbolizes peace in the world and the determination to enter the New Millennium with renewed hope for a better world and prayer to the Supreme Spirit.

The Millennium Choir is a multi-ethnic group of approximately 600 male & female singers (and counting!!!) from different musical and religious backgrounds and with various types of training. The choir presents an unusual blend and texture of voices with a mixture of classical and more contemporary-pop flavors, including a strong gospel influence. Until a few months ago, the MILLENNIUM CHOIR was active only as a "recording" choir within the Los Angeles studios. However, on Christmas Day 1999 the MILLENNIUM CHOIR performed live for the first time at the Vatican (see photo)
in a worldwide telecast as the official choir for the evening. The MILLENNIUM CHOIR has already recorded a CD entitled "Magnificat" (release date in the U.S.: November 3, 2000) with 11 selections: over an hour of music for choir and orchestra, as well as for lead tenor, choir and orchestra, in Latin and Italian. In addition to several more recordings, including a new Mass, the choir is currently performing within the Los Angeles area as well as overseas: last August, the Millennium Choir was invited to participate in the "Giornata Mondiale Della Gioventu`" ("International Youth Day") in Rome, where it performed for the Pope and 2 million young people visiting from all over the world. To learn more about this wonderful group, see our choir page.
BEPPE CANTARELLI, founder and director of the Millennium Choir, is an Italian born and trained composer, arranger and producer who lives in Los Angeles, California. He has worked with such Artists as Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones , Joe Cocker , Mariah Carey, Il Banco del Mutuo Soccorso , Bonnie Tyler, Mina, to mention a few. All the compositions featured in the Album/CD "Magnificat" are original works and were composed, arranged, orchestrated and conducted by Maestro BEPPE CANTARELLI. These compositions are available to Music Directors in several forms: a beautiful reproduction of the composer's original manuscript, a printed conductor's score, separate parts for chorus and orchestra, and an Audio CD (with separate re-mixes for Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Baritone-Bass).