(La Messa Del Padre Di Noi Tutti    The Mass Of The Father Of Us All)





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        After performing with all my friends and collaborators of the MILLENNIUM CHOIR at the presence of Pope JOHN PAUL II at 2 historical events such as THE OPENING OF THE HOLY DOORS on Christmas day 1999 in the Vatican and WORLD YOUTH DAY on August 19, 2000 in Torvergata (Rome, Italy), in the summer of that same year – August and September 2000 – I  finally finished the composition of the remaining moments of this Mass that I called THE MASS OF THE FATHER OF US ALL. During the previous years I had already composed VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS, MAGNIFICAT, SANCTUS, KYRIE and PADRE, È GIUNTA L’ORA (FATHER THE HOUR HAS COME) while were obviously missing such compositions as GLORIA, ALLELUIA, PANIS ANGELICUS, AGNELLO DI DIO-AGNUS DEI, along with the composition which not only gave me incentive – creatively and spiritually – but also “decided” the title of the whole Mass, PATER NOSTER.

Don EMANUELE FERRO, then a seminarian at the Fidenza (Italy) seminary, besides organizing, with enthusiasm and brilliant artistic creativity, the various concerts, scenic designs, publicity-promotion and all the related artwork as well as the casting along with the non-simple-at-all logistic related to a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional choir such as the MILLENNIUM CHOIR, made of numerous choristers from several Italian regions as well as from the United States, he has also assisted me while choosing the texts that I decided to use in their traditional language, which was in ancient Latin, along with the so called “parallel texts”, in contemporary Italian, extracted from the Holy Bible as well as from the Gospel.

Like for the composing, also the various recordings have taken place through the years with the participation of the MILLENNIUM CHOIR in Los Angeles – as far as compositions such as VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS, MAGNIFICAT, PADRE È GIUNTA L’ORA, KYRIE, SANCTUS and PANIS ANGELICUS – and the participation of the Quadraphonic Vocal Ensemble STRADIVARIUS in Italy – as far as other selections such as PATER NOSTER, GLORIA, ALLELUIA, AGNELLO DI DIO (Part 1) e AGNUS DEI (Part 2).

In the album-collection “Live Recording Version” are also included 3 compositions bonus tracks that I’ve performed with acoustic guitar & voice, RICORDATI (REMEBER ME) and ETERNITÀ, along with the PRELUDE TO THE MAGNIFICAT performed by virtuoso vibraphonist PATRIZIO BORLENGHI.

I hereby would like to officially thank all my friends and collaborators who have made possible the recordings taken place through the years, in primis SUSAN YOUNGBLOOD and PATRICE A. WHITED – co-founders of the MILLENNIUM CHOIR in Los Angeles –, BRENDA STRONG, ANDREA LEE DAVIS, DARRYL PHINNESSEE and the MILLENNIUM CHOIR, DON EMANUELE FERRO, Maestros ANGELO RUBINI, STEFANO GHISONI and PATRIZIA TOMBOLATO along with all the soloists, choristers of the STRADIVARIUS and musicians who have always and unfailingly responded, with moving generosity and enthusiasm, to all our calls each and every time we have scheduled the various recording sessions as well as the numerous concerts and live appearances.

Thank you, Maestro RENATO SERIO, MADRE LUIGIA AGUZZI, STEFANO NEVA, TOLLAK OLLESTAD, LUCIANO GIRARDENGO, ROSSANA GUARESCHI, PAOLA CARRA, MARIA CRISTINA BONATI, LAURA ROMANATO, AUGUSTO MARTINI, PAOLO TAINO, MONSIGNOR ANGELO BUSI, MONSIGNOR ATTILIO ARCAGNI, SAM SOCCI, MONSIGNOR MARIO ROLLANDO, DON GIANNI REGOLANI, FATHER MARINO MORO, FATHER GIUGLIANO NALDI, FATHER FIORENZO FORANI, DON GIUSEPPE PANINI, DON PAOLO TOMASI, MONSIGNOR PIERGIACOMO BOLZONI, DON ALESSANDRO FRATI, MONSIGNOR MAURIZIO GALLI, FRANCESCO DI GIACOMO, MONSIGNOR ROMEO PANCIROLI and, besides many other friends whom I’m – obviously – not able to mention here in this short page though they all know all too well they’re always in my heart and in my thanksgivings, a special thank goes to a dear friend and collaborator who’s always believed in this project that he really deserves to listen today and to enjoy. I’m sure he is listening anyway from where he is right now! RENATO VENTURIERO, the manager and music-industry executive responsible, among others, for the participation of the MILLENNIUM CHOIR to 2 unforgettable events such as the worldwide live broadcast APRITE LE PORTE A CRISTO on December 25, 1999 from the Vatican – during which we premiered my MAGNIFICAT – and the other worldwide live broadcast on August 19, 2000 from Torvergata (Rome, Italy) at the WORLD YOUTH DAY celebrations.

The last and mostly due thanksgiving goes to Professor FAUSTO CREMONA, teacher at the LICEO CLASSICO GABRIELE D’ANNUNZIO in Fidenza (Italy), for his precious collaboration and expert advice: his latin translation of the title MISSA DE PATRE NOSTRUM OMNIUM, his artistic and linguistic advice regarding the texts of “O PADRE NOSTRO CHE NE’ CIELI STAI” by DANTE ALIGHIERI as well as “VERGINE BELLA CHE DI SOL VESTITA” by FRANCESCO PETRARCA and, last but not less important, his endless attention and patience – that I bet not even with his most negligent and rebellious pupils he’s ever been able to apply! –…  endless attention and patience that on the other hand he’s been capable to bring to the production of moments like these which I love to call “Meditation and Prayer with Music” and which often are in Latin language indeed.

Love & Music and good... auscultating to everyone!!!

            Beppe Cantarelli


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